Upcoming Events

  • Location Change
    Sun, Oct 02
    Cielito Cafe
    Changing Location. Let’s get some good Mexican food instead.
  • Texas Gun Club
    Wed, Oct 05
    Texas Gun Club
    This is a learn to shoot class at Texas Gun Club for $25 we don’t need a reservation we just show up 15 min early. Last class is at 7. This includes your gun and ammo. You will pay there not here. I will host a monthly meet up there for those who want to get multiple lessons or shooting in.
  • Volleyball Lessons
    Fri, Oct 14
    Lets get some volleyball lessons in to actually start playing some games and stay fit. Work on some skills and then we can play some sand volleyball. Feel free to share with your friends. We can make this a once a month thing.
  • Current Meditation
    Sun, Oct 16
    Current Meditation
    Having trouble disconnecting from stress. This place is perfect for deep relaxation. Let’s meet relax and then go for coffee or lunch after.
  • Roots Monthly Member Happy Hour
    Thu, Oct 20
    Members Free Non Members $10 We are gonna do some friend speed networking at this one ladies.
  • Fredricksburg (Novemner 26 TBD)
    Thu, Nov 24
    Texas Wine Country Lovers Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Fredricksburg, Tx
    Thu, Nov 24
    Hot Air Balloon Festival